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Hi all,

this time no pictures and no story – just a quick information that I’m moving. I really love this blog and with near 70.000 visitors until now I’m under the impression that you like it, too. Alas, now I’m litterally spammed away. Every day dozens of strange comments arrive, while I’m told by my friends that they find it hard to comment at all due to some bug in the software.

So I’m doing what I had considered a while ago, which is moving to e-blogger. You’ll find my new blog at As you will see there are already some posts. What has held me back was that I like my old blog so much. But with all this spam going around I’ll do what those silly consultants at work always tell me to do: I’ll “embrace change” (oh yeah, …)

I hope I’ll see you at my new blog. Thank you for your visits, take care,

French Command

This took some time, I know. But real life has been particullary busy these last weeks. It seems everyone has gone on summer holiday and I had to do all their work. It will be better now – so I hope. But back to the important bits. I have further worked on the finishing touches for my French Army. First I needed a high-command, and here it is:

Perry Napoleonic Command (Kellermann)

As you can see I have used the Kellermann-figure, yet I’ll use him as Pierre Fromage, a generic French Marshall who will command my French Forces.

Perry Napoleonic Command (Kellermann)

I also based two more batallions I’ve bought from ebay (with some enhancements and additional figures painted by myself), bringing the grand total up to 11 batallions. Three of them I’ll reform into Elite/Young Guard batallions in oder to form an elite-choice for lasalle, but this will be the topic of a later post.

With the French nearly finished, I’ve been developing further plans. First I’ll enhance my British with a heavy cavalry option. Then I’ll start a new project which will probably need some time to be finished – Napoleonic Russians!

Here as a parting shot another picture of the (probably) last French batallion I’ll add to my army…

..and then until next time – which will be sooner then last time (I hope). Thanks for your visit and take care,


Squadron of the 7th Dragoons

After the fantastic Lasalle-game we’ve played recently I’ve decided it would be very interestening to have the oppertunity to field the French in the Peninsular-variant as well. For this I need Dragoons, and thus I more then willingly sat down and painted this squadron.

Perry Napoleonic French Dragoons

In my oppinion the Dragoon uniforms are among the best looking of the whole period. So it was really a treat to paint the figures and I’ve enjoyed it so much, that I’ll possibly add some more Dragoons to my army in the near future. But now without to much words a few more pictures.

Perry Napoleonic French Dragoons Command

Thanks for your visit, take care,

AttritiCon 2012

Our club, the Ulmer Strategen, has an annual gaming event: The AttritiCon. This was held last weekend, and it really was a great success. With some 80+ gamers playing DBMM and FOG tournaments as well as many participation games, it really was a joyfull event with a great selection of what our hobby has to offer.

There are many more pictures to be found here, alas I have to appologize that the text that goes with them is written in German.

I took part in the DBMM tournament, but I also used the time between games to both learn Impetus and play a round of SAGA – the last on a very beautiful table presented by our friends from Heidelberg.

I did rather well at the DBMM-tournament and ranked fifth out of ten players – considering the lack of gaming practice and the complexity of the rules this position was more than I could have hoped for. Also, two of the four games were really good fun. As for the other two games my fun was a little bit tarnished – not by the fact of winning or loosing, but by the rather strained and ambitious attitude of my opponents. I don’t blame them, it WAS a tournament after all, but it became one again clear to me why I’m not very attracted to tournament games any more. After all, I have more than enough competition in my job. I enjoy it much more when the tension of a game stems from the unfolding narrative, casting its spell over the players, rather then from the strained nerves and mikro-optimizations of tournament-competitors. So I guess I’ll certainly continue to play DBMM, but I think I’ll keep away from tournaments for a while.

Still it has been a great weekend, and there were so many nice people and so much hobby-talk that it more than compensated for the minor annoyances. And the oppertunity to play Impetus may have marked the start into this new gaming system – at least it sounds and feels very promising.

Have a nice weekend, very best regards,

The quiet before the storm


Yes, it was quiet around here. Too quiet indeed. But not in my painting cellar I can assure you, because there was feverish activity. Only a few days left and a big battle will take place, one which will see many figures of mine and which I’m very much looking forward to. Firstly it surely will be a great event all by itself. But it also is a big premiere for a lot of the figures involved. AND the figures involved are not your everday figures – at least not for me.

About 20 years ago I only painted 1/72 plastics and even if painting was among my favorite activities then I actually didn’t do it very often. You know – smelly humbrol colours that required braincell-killing chemicals to clean your brushes and provided great oppertunities to cover yourself in funny colors every time one of the paintpot-lids stuck to the pot and when confronted with a screwdriver would at first not move at all and than all at once… Well, you get the idea. Then two things happened: I was introduced to painting with acrylics by a long out of press booklet from a long out of business company (Hobby Products – whose miniature-range is now owned by Black Hat I  believe) AND I’ve discovered Wargames Foundry and it’s 28mm Romans in an also sadly long gone miniature shop in Augsburg, Germany. Of course the Romans were sculpted by the Perries, and of course I stuck with them.

The strange thing is that although since then I had bought many more Romans (first only from Foundry, but later also from Warlord Games) both painted and unpainted (I actually painted quite a lot of them myself), I really did not game with them. I now have many much newer armies which I’ve already campaigned with comparablyoften, but apart from the odd appearance as a DBA army and two DBMM240 battles with only a small part of the army involved my imperial Roman force only grew and grew and has not yet left its tents.

Many units were only partially finished, many of the figures were not based or varnished – things I had worked on for the last weeks and that is why it was so quiet around here. It simply is not fun to write twice a week “I have varnished and painted 5 figures”. In my one year blogging history I have discovered that I’m the “finished unit” or even “finished project” type.  There are two or three units that are not finished yet and hopefully will be finished one of theses days, but I don’t want to wait any longer to show them. So here they are.


My Imperial Roman Army


The big man in command:

The right wing…

…and the left wing.

The general waiting to give the signal.

And finally, last but defnitly not least, the first Perry figure I’ve ever painted, now signed by both hobby-giants.

I’ll keep you informed about the battle, you may expect a big battle-report. Have a good time until then, thanks for dropping by,


The French Core Army for Lasalle is finally finished


After having finished my British Lasalle Army I fell into some kind of “painters block” and instead of painting I did some cleaning and sorting and made ready some bits and pieces for an online garage sale. If you are interested you can see the first batch of figures here. Some painted figures will be added soon.  Drop me a note if you care for any of the figures (SirTobi[at]

But now to the main toppic. After having overcome my blockade I have finished my French Lasalle Core Army. It now consists of 8 batllions, a battery of guns, 3 commanders including the C-in-C…

Perry Miniatures French army

The complete French core army for Lasalle

…and not to forget 1 sapper:

Perry Miniatures French Commander and Sapper

I really like the appearance of this army…

Perry Miniatures French Soldiers

…it has a good mass-effect but still has details and character.

Perry Miniatures French

Now the only thing that’s missing is the heavy cavalry support – and this is rappidly nearing its completion. Well, prepare to fire then, it won’t be long until the armies will collide…

Perry Miniatures French artillery

Have a nice week and thanks for your visit, best regards,



The Black Brunswickers


Well well well, this took longer than I had expected. BUT now the Brunswickers as first addiditional brigade for my Lasalle British army are finally completed.

They consist of two line battlalions (which were missing until today), an elite batallion or Leib-Batallion, artillery, cavalry (originally Hussars, but I liked the Uhlans better), artillery, two extra skirmisher bases and of course the command.


The Brunswickers (Perry Miniatures)

The Brunswickers (Perry Miniatures)


The two new batallions are the first line batallion under Major von Metzler…

Brunswick first line batallion (Perry Miniatures)


…and the second line batallion under Major von Strombeck.

Brunswick second line batallion (Perry Miniatures)


The figures are a wellcome change from the omnipresent march-attack – pose. All other figures are known to you from my other posts (just select “Brunswick” as category selection), so I’m only showing the command and artillery …

Brunswick artillery and command (Perry Miniatures)


… and the the Uhlan-command (beautiful figures – I may say so, because I did not paint the Uhlans myself).

 Brunswick Uhlan command (Perry Miniatures)


There will be two additional selections for the British army – as well light cavalry as heavy cavalry. I really have to have Scottish Greys… But I doubt I will field them right away. First I will finish the French, and then I will fight a few battles. How I’m looking forward to this…

Have a nice day and thanks for your visit,




(The) Saga continues…

Hi All,

Hobby-life is very busy at the moment. A big event casts its shadow ahead, and while I can’t say too much now (it is meant to be a surprise for the participians), I can say it will be Roman, it will happen on May 1st, and it will be huge. Detailled story telling will follow after the event, for now I’m speed-painting and basing Romans, Romans and again Romans. Since these units are painted for mass-effect, I won’t take pictures of them – that’s why this blog seems to be hibernating momentarily.

But what I can show you is the first part of my Viking army for SAGA. It consists of three points so far – one unit of elite warriors (Hirdmen) and two units of rank and file Vikings (Bondi). Here is the first unit of Bondi, it consists of some Gripping Beast figures and some very old figures which I believe are from Citadel:


SAGA Vikings (figures from Gripping Beast and old Citadel)

SAGA Vikings (figures from Gripping Beast and old Citadel)


And here ist the second unit of Bondi – with one exception in the rear rank all are Gripping Beast figures:

SAGA Vikings (figures from Gripping Beast)

SAGA Vikings (figures from Gripping Beast)

SAGA Vikings (figures from Gripping Beast)

SAGA Vikings (figures from Gripping Beast)


Finally the Hirdmen:

SAGA Viking Hirdmen (figures from Gripping Beast)

SAGA Viking Hirdmen (figures from Gripping Beast)

SAGA Viking Hirdmen (figures from Gripping Beast)

SAGA Viking Hirdmen (figures from Gripping Beast)


The rest of the army will consist of two more units of Hirdmen (one of them Berserkers – who would ant to play Vikings without them?), a bunch of levy archers and finally the Warlord himself.

Very best regards and have a nice Sunday!