French Command

This took some time, I know. But real life has been particullary busy these last weeks. It seems everyone has gone on summer holiday and I had to do all their work. It will be better now – so I hope. But back to the important bits. I have further worked on the finishing touches for my French Army. First I needed a high-command, and here it is:

Perry Napoleonic Command (Kellermann)

As you can see I have used the Kellermann-figure, yet I’ll use him as Pierre Fromage, a generic French Marshall who will command my French Forces.

Perry Napoleonic Command (Kellermann)

I also based two more batallions I’ve bought from ebay (with some enhancements and additional figures painted by myself), bringing the grand total up to 11 batallions. Three of them I’ll reform into Elite/Young Guard batallions in oder to form an elite-choice for lasalle, but this will be the topic of a later post.

With the French nearly finished, I’ve been developing further plans. First I’ll enhance my British with a heavy cavalry option. Then I’ll start a new project which will probably need some time to be finished – Napoleonic Russians!

Here as a parting shot another picture of the (probably) last French batallion I’ll add to my army…

..and then until next time – which will be sooner then last time (I hope). Thanks for your visit and take care,


The French Core Army for Lasalle is finally finished


After having finished my British Lasalle Army I fell into some kind of “painters block” and instead of painting I did some cleaning and sorting and made ready some bits and pieces for an online garage sale. If you are interested you can see the first batch of figures here. Some painted figures will be added soon.  Drop me a note if you care for any of the figures (SirTobi[at]

But now to the main toppic. After having overcome my blockade I have finished my French Lasalle Core Army. It now consists of 8 batllions, a battery of guns, 3 commanders including the C-in-C…

Perry Miniatures French army

The complete French core army for Lasalle

…and not to forget 1 sapper:

Perry Miniatures French Commander and Sapper

I really like the appearance of this army…

Perry Miniatures French Soldiers

…it has a good mass-effect but still has details and character.

Perry Miniatures French

Now the only thing that’s missing is the heavy cavalry support – and this is rappidly nearing its completion. Well, prepare to fire then, it won’t be long until the armies will collide…

Perry Miniatures French artillery

Have a nice week and thanks for your visit, best regards,



A Happy New Year!


I wish you all a happy New Year – may it bring health, happy events and many good things to you all. For us it was a rather quiet New Years Eve, and since it was raining heavily even some of the firework got soaked before it had a chance to go off – thus adding to to a very quiet evening indeed.

Today I had the chance to paint a little bit, finishing a French command vignette with a general of heavy cavalry for my Lasalle heavy cavalry option – consisting of one unit each of Curassiers, Carabiners and horse artillery.As you can see, I’ve used some of the extras added to the plastic cavalry box sets and a Victrix-Canon Wheel to create a little scene with battlefield-debris. After all this basing activities of the last weeks it was hugely delightful to be able to paint again. So it seems I made the right choice after all with my New Years resulution.

Also finished but not yet based is the Duke of Brunswick, whom I will show you soon.

Best regards and have a nice evening!


Perry Napoleonic French Cavalry General

Perry Napoleonic French Cavalry General



Year-end with great cannonade


This is very probably the last blog entry this year, so it is only adequate that the French have prepared to give New Year’s Eve a fitting finale with a whiff of whatever. Yes, the French artillery is finally finished (with more than a little help from my friend Jim Bowen).


Perry French Napoleonic Foot Artillery

Perry French Napoleonic Foot Artillery


I hope you all had happy holidays and the Christmas tree was packed with hobby-related presents. for me it was a very nice Christmas, and the presents were generous – quite a lot of Perry Samurai and some fantastic books (more of which in another post). Now I’m trying to wrench a few hours of quiet painting from these tightly packed days. I’m working on some Napoleonic command vignettes, and I’m hoping to be able to show the result to you soon. By the way, just a little technical comment while on the subject of “showing”: I have been asked to post bigger pictures. If you click on any picture it will be shown to you without the text around it. Just click on the picture again and it will be shown as big as your screen allows.


Perry French Napoleonic Foot Artillery


Now on to next years plans. As I’ve already written in my last blog, I won’t be able to paint whole armies next year. So in accordance to this years resolution of “quantitative consolidation” (i.e. reducing the amount of lead-stock on hand), next years goal will be “qualitative consolidation” – that is finishing as many projects as possible with as little money spent as possible. The last addition is important because I’ve spent a lot this year – as well for the Napoleonic collections as on some “hired brushes”. It was OK and given the amount of money I’ve earned with selling tons of lead I could afford it, but enough is enough and next year It will be me again who does all the painting.


Perry Napoleonic French command

Perry Napoleonic French Command


So, that’s it for new years resolutions. I’ll keep you posted on the progress. I hope the new year will find you all in good health, thanks again for making this blog a little success. I’ll see you next year. And now it’s time to watch the clock…


Two French regiments


It’s quite probable that I won’t have too much time for my hobby in the next few days, so it’s fine I have finished the core of my French Lasalle army at last (except for the additional attacker-bonus and the artillery). Here it is in all its glory:

Perry napoleonic French regiments

Perry napoleonic French regiments

It consists of two regiments, the left of which you already know. The right one is something special for me, because the first batallion consists of the first napoleonic figures painted by me (back in May), marking a start in this new hobby-era.

Perry napoleonic French
The mounted commander was painted by Jim Bowen, how also painted the Artillery (to follow soon).

That’s just a quick update, just to show that the project is going along nicely. Have a nice evening and thanks for your visit.

Perry napoleonic French regiments

Some more French Napoleonic’s


Well, real life has been busy again, but I want to post a little update on my French project anyway. As you can see I made some progress with a complete new French regiment as well as a squadron of Carabiners.


a French napoleonic regiment (Perry Miniatures)

a French napoleonic regiment (Perry Miniatures)


In contrast to my British regiments here I did not want to replicate an historical unit. Indeed I composed it as a rather ragtag unit, giving it no battle honours whatsoever on its colors – so I can use it either as a recruit regiment for the peninsular theatre or as a battle-weary unit on any other battlefield.

 Napoleonic French (Perry Miniatures)

The second and third batallions carry an unofficial fanion, the second variant from GBM.

Napoleonic French (Perry Miniatures)

Last but not least here are the Carabiners. As you can see, I have decided on heavy cavalry as French selection for the Lasalle rules. The second heavy unit, a squadron of curassiers, are on my painting table right now.

French napoleonic Carabiners (Perry Miniatures)

French napoleonic Carabiners (Perry Miniatures)




The French are coming


Well, it’s about time. I’ve so often anounced that they are nearly ready, that I’ve started to believe myself. I only have to base them, I hear myself say. Well, right. With basing, touching a little color here and there, correcting some mistakes, adjusting the pompons and giving them a new coat of varnish it took me some time, but here they are: The first two French battalions.

Perry Napoleonic French battalions

One of the first decisions I had to made was how to depict a French batallion for Lasalle. If a batallion is depicted with 36 figures, that is an easy question – you use one base each for the grenadiers, voltigeurs and the other four companies, one containing the command. But with four bases one has to decide. What I finally decided on is the scheme you see above: I’ve used four figures each for the grenadiers, and the four companies with green, blue, orange and purple pompons (the little dots on the shakos). I left out the voltigeurs and used them as seperate skirmish bases, and I depicted the command as an Officer, fanion-bearer and a NCO. The drummer got an orange pompon to make up the numbers.

Perry Napoleonic French battalions

As in 1812 the fannions for the batallions were officially abolished, I gave them the non-regulations fannions from GMB Designs. So these two are the second and third batallion. I hope I’ll finish the first with its mighty eagle this week.

Perry Napoleonic French battalions

Also this week I’m going to assemble some figures for the new SAGA rules that have finally arrived. The wargame butterfly is flapping its wings… and may cause a storm somewhere…

Perry Napoleonic French batallions

One final word: Mark from “over open sights” was so kind to paint some French Artillery for me (for the Cavalry). He also did some conversions in order to put some variation into the Perry napoleonic French horse artillery. I can’t wait to have them here – but the other units have to be ready by then. A very good reason not to become distracted by SAGA right now.