Squadron of the 7th Dragoons

After the fantastic Lasalle-game we’ve played recently I’ve decided it would be very interestening to have the oppertunity to field the French in the Peninsular-variant as well. For this I need Dragoons, and thus I more then willingly sat down and painted this squadron.

Perry Napoleonic French Dragoons

In my oppinion the Dragoon uniforms are among the best looking of the whole period. So it was really a treat to paint the figures and I’ve enjoyed it so much, that I’ll possibly add some more Dragoons to my army in the near future. But now without to much words a few more pictures.

Perry Napoleonic French Dragoons Command

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The quiet before the storm


Yes, it was quiet around here. Too quiet indeed. But not in my painting cellar I can assure you, because there was feverish activity. Only a few days left and a big battle will take place, one which will see many figures of mine and which I’m very much looking forward to. Firstly it surely will be a great event all by itself. But it also is a big premiere for a lot of the figures involved. AND the figures involved are not your everday figures – at least not for me.

About 20 years ago I only painted 1/72 plastics and even if painting was among my favorite activities then I actually didn’t do it very often. You know – smelly humbrol colours that required braincell-killing chemicals to clean your brushes and provided great oppertunities to cover yourself in funny colors every time one of the paintpot-lids stuck to the pot and when confronted with a screwdriver would at first not move at all and than all at once… Well, you get the idea. Then two things happened: I was introduced to painting with acrylics by a long out of press booklet from a long out of business company (Hobby Products – whose miniature-range is now owned by Black Hat I  believe) AND I’ve discovered Wargames Foundry and it’s 28mm Romans in an also sadly long gone miniature shop in Augsburg, Germany. Of course the Romans were sculpted by the Perries, and of course I stuck with them.

The strange thing is that although since then I had bought many more Romans (first only from Foundry, but later also from Warlord Games) both painted and unpainted (I actually painted quite a lot of them myself), I really did not game with them. I now have many much newer armies which I’ve already campaigned with comparablyoften, but apart from the odd appearance as a DBA army and two DBMM240 battles with only a small part of the army involved my imperial Roman force only grew and grew and has not yet left its tents.

Many units were only partially finished, many of the figures were not based or varnished – things I had worked on for the last weeks and that is why it was so quiet around here. It simply is not fun to write twice a week “I have varnished and painted 5 figures”. In my one year blogging history I have discovered that I’m the “finished unit” or even “finished project” type.  There are two or three units that are not finished yet and hopefully will be finished one of theses days, but I don’t want to wait any longer to show them. So here they are.


My Imperial Roman Army


The big man in command:

The right wing…

…and the left wing.

The general waiting to give the signal.

And finally, last but defnitly not least, the first Perry figure I’ve ever painted, now signed by both hobby-giants.

I’ll keep you informed about the battle, you may expect a big battle-report. Have a good time until then, thanks for dropping by,


The French Core Army for Lasalle is finally finished


After having finished my British Lasalle Army I fell into some kind of “painters block” and instead of painting I did some cleaning and sorting and made ready some bits and pieces for an online garage sale. If you are interested you can see the first batch of figures here. Some painted figures will be added soon.  Drop me a note if you care for any of the figures (SirTobi[at]ulmer-strategen.de).

But now to the main toppic. After having overcome my blockade I have finished my French Lasalle Core Army. It now consists of 8 batllions, a battery of guns, 3 commanders including the C-in-C…

Perry Miniatures French army

The complete French core army for Lasalle

…and not to forget 1 sapper:

Perry Miniatures French Commander and Sapper

I really like the appearance of this army…

Perry Miniatures French Soldiers

…it has a good mass-effect but still has details and character.

Perry Miniatures French

Now the only thing that’s missing is the heavy cavalry support – and this is rappidly nearing its completion. Well, prepare to fire then, it won’t be long until the armies will collide…

Perry Miniatures French artillery

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The Black Brunswickers


Well well well, this took longer than I had expected. BUT now the Brunswickers as first addiditional brigade for my Lasalle British army are finally completed.

They consist of two line battlalions (which were missing until today), an elite batallion or Leib-Batallion, artillery, cavalry (originally Hussars, but I liked the Uhlans better), artillery, two extra skirmisher bases and of course the command.


The Brunswickers (Perry Miniatures)

The Brunswickers (Perry Miniatures)


The two new batallions are the first line batallion under Major von Metzler…

Brunswick first line batallion (Perry Miniatures)


…and the second line batallion under Major von Strombeck.

Brunswick second line batallion (Perry Miniatures)


The figures are a wellcome change from the omnipresent march-attack – pose. All other figures are known to you from my other posts (just select “Brunswick” as category selection), so I’m only showing the command and artillery …

Brunswick artillery and command (Perry Miniatures)


… and the the Uhlan-command (beautiful figures – I may say so, because I did not paint the Uhlans myself).

 Brunswick Uhlan command (Perry Miniatures)


There will be two additional selections for the British army – as well light cavalry as heavy cavalry. I really have to have Scottish Greys… But I doubt I will field them right away. First I will finish the French, and then I will fight a few battles. How I’m looking forward to this…

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(The) Saga continues…

Hi All,

Hobby-life is very busy at the moment. A big event casts its shadow ahead, and while I can’t say too much now (it is meant to be a surprise for the participians), I can say it will be Roman, it will happen on May 1st, and it will be huge. Detailled story telling will follow after the event, for now I’m speed-painting and basing Romans, Romans and again Romans. Since these units are painted for mass-effect, I won’t take pictures of them – that’s why this blog seems to be hibernating momentarily.

But what I can show you is the first part of my Viking army for SAGA. It consists of three points so far – one unit of elite warriors (Hirdmen) and two units of rank and file Vikings (Bondi). Here is the first unit of Bondi, it consists of some Gripping Beast figures and some very old figures which I believe are from Citadel:


SAGA Vikings (figures from Gripping Beast and old Citadel)

SAGA Vikings (figures from Gripping Beast and old Citadel)


And here ist the second unit of Bondi – with one exception in the rear rank all are Gripping Beast figures:

SAGA Vikings (figures from Gripping Beast)

SAGA Vikings (figures from Gripping Beast)

SAGA Vikings (figures from Gripping Beast)

SAGA Vikings (figures from Gripping Beast)


Finally the Hirdmen:

SAGA Viking Hirdmen (figures from Gripping Beast)

SAGA Viking Hirdmen (figures from Gripping Beast)

SAGA Viking Hirdmen (figures from Gripping Beast)

SAGA Viking Hirdmen (figures from Gripping Beast)


The rest of the army will consist of two more units of Hirdmen (one of them Berserkers – who would ant to play Vikings without them?), a bunch of levy archers and finally the Warlord himself.

Very best regards and have a nice Sunday!


The Black Duke


I’m rather glad that writing more blog-entries wasn’t one of my resolutions for the new year, because then I would have already broken it. With the other resolutions I’m on a good way, and I’m happy to report I didn’t buy a single figure (painted or unpainted) until now. But I have made good use of the limited hobby time I have nowadays, and here I proudly present “the Black Duke” of Brunswick as well as his Leib-battalion.


Brunswick Leib-batallion (Perry Figures)

Brunswick Leib-batallion (Perry Figures)


The Soldiers were an ebay auction from last year. Some of them were painted to a great standard, others looked as if they had been transported through Europe in a tabacco box and had to be repainted.The command unit was painted by Jim Bowen.



The Leib batallion didn’t sport a flag while they fought for the British, so I have added no colours. The batallion will be the elite unit of my Lasalle Brunswick Division with the Duke as its general.


The Duke of Brunswick (Perry Figures)

The Duke of Brunswick (Perry Figures)


The officer riding along with the Duke commands a light batallion and was part of the good ebay figures. Judging from the painting style I would say he might have been painted by Dave Jarvis, but I can’t say for sure since the seller I’ve bought the figures from couldn’t remember who painted them.



The Duke himself was painted by me, he’s the second figure I have painted this year. Two mounted figures (4 points) is far away from the painting-ratio I once had, but I’ll be lucky if I paint 10 points per month this year. Apart from that I have based a lot of figures which improves the ratio a lot.


I really like the Brunswickers and I’m thinking about building the British light cavalry option with Brunswick cavalry, too. Well, I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your visit and have a nice week!

Year-end with great cannonade


This is very probably the last blog entry this year, so it is only adequate that the French have prepared to give New Year’s Eve a fitting finale with a whiff of whatever. Yes, the French artillery is finally finished (with more than a little help from my friend Jim Bowen).


Perry French Napoleonic Foot Artillery

Perry French Napoleonic Foot Artillery


I hope you all had happy holidays and the Christmas tree was packed with hobby-related presents. for me it was a very nice Christmas, and the presents were generous – quite a lot of Perry Samurai and some fantastic books (more of which in another post). Now I’m trying to wrench a few hours of quiet painting from these tightly packed days. I’m working on some Napoleonic command vignettes, and I’m hoping to be able to show the result to you soon. By the way, just a little technical comment while on the subject of “showing”: I have been asked to post bigger pictures. If you click on any picture it will be shown to you without the text around it. Just click on the picture again and it will be shown as big as your screen allows.


Perry French Napoleonic Foot Artillery


Now on to next years plans. As I’ve already written in my last blog, I won’t be able to paint whole armies next year. So in accordance to this years resolution of “quantitative consolidation” (i.e. reducing the amount of lead-stock on hand), next years goal will be “qualitative consolidation” – that is finishing as many projects as possible with as little money spent as possible. The last addition is important because I’ve spent a lot this year – as well for the Napoleonic collections as on some “hired brushes”. It was OK and given the amount of money I’ve earned with selling tons of lead I could afford it, but enough is enough and next year It will be me again who does all the painting.


Perry Napoleonic French command

Perry Napoleonic French Command


So, that’s it for new years resolutions. I’ll keep you posted on the progress. I hope the new year will find you all in good health, thanks again for making this blog a little success. I’ll see you next year. And now it’s time to watch the clock…


The British Lasalle Core Army


In German there is the proverb “was lange währt wird endlich gut” – meaning “what took long is now finally accomplished”. Indeed I have worked on this project since May, and quite continously so (at least for my standards). Now the Bristish core army for Lasalle with 6 Batallions (each consisting of 23 soldiers including command and 2 seperate skirmishers), two additional Bonus-Batallions (should the army take the role of the attacker), a battery of Royal Artillery and 3 commanders including the C-in-C  is finally finished.


Perry British Napoleonic Army

Perry British Napoleonic Army for Lasalle


While a good part of the army was complete quite a while ago, there were still 4 elements of skirmishers missing, and I just couldn’t bring myself to paint them. Now that this is finally done the Army is finished and stands in waiting for the first French columns to arrive.


The army consists exclusively of Perry Miniatures, with one notable exception of a Victrix kneeling skirmisher. My plan is to give it two support-selections: One a Brunswick division and one a cavalry choice (possible light cavalry, now that the Perry British Hussars are due to arrive). These support choices will take some time yet – but hopefully not too long since a great part of the Brunswickers is already finished.


Have a nice weekend and thanks for your visit.




Some more French Napoleonic’s


Well, real life has been busy again, but I want to post a little update on my French project anyway. As you can see I made some progress with a complete new French regiment as well as a squadron of Carabiners.


a French napoleonic regiment (Perry Miniatures)

a French napoleonic regiment (Perry Miniatures)


In contrast to my British regiments here I did not want to replicate an historical unit. Indeed I composed it as a rather ragtag unit, giving it no battle honours whatsoever on its colors – so I can use it either as a recruit regiment for the peninsular theatre or as a battle-weary unit on any other battlefield.

 Napoleonic French (Perry Miniatures)

The second and third batallions carry an unofficial fanion, the second variant from GBM.

Napoleonic French (Perry Miniatures)

Last but not least here are the Carabiners. As you can see, I have decided on heavy cavalry as French selection for the Lasalle rules. The second heavy unit, a squadron of curassiers, are on my painting table right now.

French napoleonic Carabiners (Perry Miniatures)

French napoleonic Carabiners (Perry Miniatures)