The Black Brunswickers


Well well well, this took longer than I had expected. BUT now the Brunswickers as first addiditional brigade for my Lasalle British army are finally completed.

They consist of two line battlalions (which were missing until today), an elite batallion or Leib-Batallion, artillery, cavalry (originally Hussars, but I liked the Uhlans better), artillery, two extra skirmisher bases and of course the command.


The Brunswickers (Perry Miniatures)

The Brunswickers (Perry Miniatures)


The two new batallions are the first line batallion under Major von Metzler…

Brunswick first line batallion (Perry Miniatures)


…and the second line batallion under Major von Strombeck.

Brunswick second line batallion (Perry Miniatures)


The figures are a wellcome change from the omnipresent march-attack – pose. All other figures are known to you from my other posts (just select “Brunswick” as category selection), so I’m only showing the command and artillery …

Brunswick artillery and command (Perry Miniatures)


… and the the Uhlan-command (beautiful figures – I may say so, because I did not paint the Uhlans myself).

 Brunswick Uhlan command (Perry Miniatures)


There will be two additional selections for the British army – as well light cavalry as heavy cavalry. I really have to have Scottish Greys… But I doubt I will field them right away. First I will finish the French, and then I will fight a few battles. How I’m looking forward to this…

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The Black Duke


I’m rather glad that writing more blog-entries wasn’t one of my resolutions for the new year, because then I would have already broken it. With the other resolutions I’m on a good way, and I’m happy to report I didn’t buy a single figure (painted or unpainted) until now. But I have made good use of the limited hobby time I have nowadays, and here I proudly present “the Black Duke” of Brunswick as well as his Leib-battalion.


Brunswick Leib-batallion (Perry Figures)

Brunswick Leib-batallion (Perry Figures)


The Soldiers were an ebay auction from last year. Some of them were painted to a great standard, others looked as if they had been transported through Europe in a tabacco box and had to be repainted.The command unit was painted by Jim Bowen.



The Leib batallion didn’t sport a flag while they fought for the British, so I have added no colours. The batallion will be the elite unit of my Lasalle Brunswick Division with the Duke as its general.


The Duke of Brunswick (Perry Figures)

The Duke of Brunswick (Perry Figures)


The officer riding along with the Duke commands a light batallion and was part of the good ebay figures. Judging from the painting style I would say he might have been painted by Dave Jarvis, but I can’t say for sure since the seller I’ve bought the figures from couldn’t remember who painted them.



The Duke himself was painted by me, he’s the second figure I have painted this year. Two mounted figures (4 points) is far away from the painting-ratio I once had, but I’ll be lucky if I paint 10 points per month this year. Apart from that I have based a lot of figures which improves the ratio a lot.


I really like the Brunswickers and I’m thinking about building the British light cavalry option with Brunswick cavalry, too. Well, I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your visit and have a nice week!



I definitely needed some pause from red uniforms, so I’ve stalled  the British core army for a moment in order to start with the Brunswickers. Since it is not only the same project but really the same army I think this is a diversion I can allow myself.

Again my project seems to stand under a lucky star – the moment I had decided to do the Brunswick army a very nice bunch of figures came up for auction on ebay – and I really don’t know why, but nobody wanted to place a bid. So I got them for a more than fair price. Of course as always some minor amendments and repairs (and of course the inevitable rebasing) were due, but the quality of the painting is exceptional.

With this head-start I’m in the lucky position to have a unit of cavalry already finished. Well, here it is:

The Brunswick allied coningent in Lasalle consists of one light cavalry unit (now finished), two infantry units, one elite infantry unit and two skirmisher bases – one of them is now finished, too:

Lastly there is an artillery unit. Here I also was able to akquire two pieces of artillery:

As your skilled eye will certainly have detected right away, the right piece is horse artillery. Yet I’m willing to allow this latitude, as the Perries have only one variant each of foot and horse artillery, and it would look very dull to have three identical looking artillery crews. I’m now going to order a third piece and start on the infantry.

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