A Happy New Year!


I wish you all a happy New Year – may it bring health, happy events and many good things to you all. For us it was a rather quiet New Years Eve, and since it was raining heavily even some of the firework got soaked before it had a chance to go off – thus adding to to a very quiet evening indeed.

Today I had the chance to paint a little bit, finishing a French command vignette with a general of heavy cavalry for my Lasalle heavy cavalry option – consisting of one unit each of Curassiers, Carabiners and horse artillery.As you can see, I’ve used some of the extras added to the plastic cavalry box sets and a Victrix-Canon Wheel to create a little scene with battlefield-debris. After all this basing activities of the last weeks it was hugely delightful to be able to paint again. So it seems I made the right choice after all with my New Years resulution.

Also finished but not yet based is the Duke of Brunswick, whom I will show you soon.

Best regards and have a nice evening!


Perry Napoleonic French Cavalry General

Perry Napoleonic French Cavalry General



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