Spammed away

Hi all,

this time no pictures and no story – just a quick information that I’m moving. I really love this blog and with near 70.000 visitors until now I’m under the impression that you like it, too. Alas, now I’m litterally spammed away. Every day dozens of strange comments arrive, while I’m told by my friends that they find it hard to comment at all due to some bug in the software.

So I’m doing what I had considered a while ago, which is moving to e-blogger. You’ll find my new blog at As you will see there are already some posts. What has held me back was that I like my old blog so much. But with all this spam going around I’ll do what those silly consultants at work always tell me to do: I’ll “embrace change” (oh yeah, …)

I hope I’ll see you at my new blog. Thank you for your visits, take care,

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