DBA in 28mm


The last two weeks have been very busy, as well in “real life” as at the painting table. I had to make last preparations for our annual DBA-event in 28mm, and this is what today’s blog will be about.

For several years now our Wargame Club in southern Germany, the “Ulmer Strategen“, is organizing three annual DBA events. The first is a spring tournament that is held in 15mm scale, the second is the DBA 28mm open in October and finally the third is the Advent-DBA in December. You can see pictures of all those events at our website http://www.ulmer-strategen.de/DBA-Events.htm – the text is in German, but I think most of the pictures speak for themselves.



While DBA is a great mixture of simplicity and game-depth as well as a good opportunity to field all those armies you are interested in, in Germany it also is sort of an island that helds the wargamer-community together: DBA, that has existed bevore the Barker-Scott war and the breakup of the DBM-community into FOG and DBMM, is now a welcome platform where old friends can meet regardless of their main ruleset preference.



Apart from that the fact that DBA is a masterpiece of reduction to the essential and works very well with only 12 bases or units, for the very same reason it allows for the use of 28mm figures that usually take longer to paint and therefore slower to field than 15mm armies. I like this eye-candy scale very much, and regardless of the fact that wargaming in Germany (apart from the single-based WAB-culture) is strictly in 15mm scale, about five years ago I’ve started to build DBA armies in 28mm. I needed many of them because only few other players had armies in this scale, and for the first tournaments I’ve organized I  provided nearly all armies present.

But the time when the players arrived with only their personal dice cup is long over – given the opportunity of regular events in 28mm, now many players have fielded their own beautiful armies, and with every tournament the number of armies I have to provide goes down steadily.


Successor armies clash

Marius' Seleucid army was the winner of the "best painted" award last year


Last Saturday 17 gamers met again to field their 28mm armies, and it was a beautiful day. In 48 games the struggle for dominance on the field was fought out with dice and lead, and finally we had a winner – but most of all many happy gamers. Pictures of the event as well as a table with the final scores can be seen here:


I want to use the opportunity to thank our sponsor Warlord Games, who has kindly provided us with prices of their beautiful figures. So it is only fitting the the prize for the best painted army this year went to Norbert with his Warlord Games Imperial Romans:


These two DBA armies of Warlord Games Early Imperial Romans belong to Norbert and his son Noah, winning jointly the "best painted" award this year


This year six of the 17 armies present were from my own collection, and as many players that used them already have started their own projects I’m quite sure next year there will be even fewer lending-armies present.

On a personal note, this was my best tournament ever. For organisational reasons I was only able to play four games, but I’ve won them all with my Hunns. This has never happened before – I think because of all the tasks that go along with the organisation of such an event I simply didn’t have enough time to finetune my usual mistakes, causing me to win all those battles. There’s probably a lesson hidden in this, but maybe it’s just the army with all its horses and greater mobility in contrast to all those pachydermes and heavy pikes that dominated the battlefields.



And now – to something completly different. There are a few casualities of war on my table right now. It can’t be avoided – spears and shields get loose and there even was a unhappy accident of a general falling literally from the edge of the world (meaning the gaming table). As soon as these are repaired, I’ll get back to my Napoleonics. The British are ready and eager to fight the French, and all I have to do is give them shiny new bases…





Well, it is about time for some news – I know. But I had to paint a sky, and that took some time. OK, let’s tell this one by one. First I’ve painted some beautiful Grand Manner buildings to act as scenery.

Grand Manner Cottage

Grand Manner Cottage


The buidlings are really exemplary – well defined, well proportioned and a breeze to paint. The little stone walls in front are my own design by the way, assembled with little stones on GW biker-bases. Back to the point – I took some pictures but wasn’t so happy with the calendar-background.


What I wanted was simply a large piece of sky, but I couldn’t find a fitting poster or calendar-picture. So I sat down, took some oilcolors and painted a sky.


The process of painting with oilcolors was very pleasant, the only problem was the enduring smell and the fact that the sky needed the better part of a week to dry up (same outside these days I’m afraid – the summer is quite apparently over). Today the canvas was reasonable dry, and so I fixed it on two stakes and attached them to my gaming table.

The fear of the sky falling on our heads becomes reasonable - at least for the people on the table...


And voilà, that’s how it looks on the front. Of course the sky will only be attached when I’m taking photos, but it can be rolled up (the bar holding the stakes apart and giving tension to the canvas is plastic and can quickly be removed) and won’t be on the way when the battles are raging over the table.

Grand Manner Village

Grand Manner Village


I’m planning to use the scenery for a variety of periods – and for me it fits the bill:

Gripping Beast Vikings in Grand Manner Village

Gripping Beast Vikings in Grand Manner Village


Perry WotR

Perry WotR


Perry Napoleonic Brunswickers in Grand Manner Village

Perry Napoleonic Brunswickers in Grand Manner Village


At the moment on my painting table are some Ancients. This may sound as a severe case of the “wargaming butterfly syndrom”, but it has a reasonable motive: I’m organizing a big DBA-Tournament in two weeks time and for this I need some armies to lend to others who don’t own a 28mm DBA army or simply want to play with another army for a change. And since last time the army of Ptolomy was quite successfull, everybody now wants to play with successor armies. I have quite a lot of figures for this period, but some need to be finished – and that’s what I’m doing right now.

Very best regards,





Hi there,

as you can see from the (rather minimalist) title my new camera as arrived. I’ve finally decided for the Panasonic G3 and it is really fantastic. the only thing I’m not happy with is the color of its body – when I choose “chocolate” I did not have in mind a color like an aubergine.

Well, I guess some designers really have to learn the difference between brown and red. Apart from this rather annoying casestudy of color-blindness the camera really is amazing. I still have to learn to master the finer secrets of its many calibrations, but as I’m not a very patient man I happily clicked away and took all the photos I wanted without much consideration to white balance, ISO-setting and shutter speed. That may explain why the photos are not what they had the potential to be, but I like them anyway.

So here are the photos I have promised you for some time now. First of all the 32nd regiment of foot. I did not have much work with this one, as I have acquired it from Ebay and only have painted the odd figure. The painting style varies a little from my other regiments, so maybe I will replace it in the future with a version of my own painting. But for now speed is at the essence, I really want to get gaming!

Napoleonic British 32nd regiment of foot from Perry Miniatures

Napoleonic British 32nd regiment of foot from Perry Miniatures

Napoleonic British 32nd regiment of foot from Perry Miniatures

Napoleonic British 32nd regiment of foot from Perry Miniatures

As you can already see I have also finished the high-command, general Picton. No Ebay here, I really enjoyed painting and composing this little vignette.

Napoleonic British general Picton from Perry Miniatures

Napoleonic British general Picton from Perry Miniatures

Napoleonic British general Picton from Perry Miniatures

Napoleonic British general Picton from Perry Miniatures

Finally the Royal foot artillery is also finished. I like the dynamic of the result.

Napoleonic British royal foot artillery from Perry Miniatures

Napoleonic British royal foot artillery from Perry Miniatures

Napoleonic British royal foot artillery from Perry Miniatures

Napoleonic British royal foot artillery from Perry Miniatures

Napoleonic British royal foot artillery from Perry Miniatures

Napoleonic British royal foot artillery from Perry Miniatures


On my painting table right now are the last 4 skirmisher bases – after whicht the British core army is finally finished (*sigh*)! In addition there is some scenery, as I really need a little break before I finish both the Brunswickers and the French.

Have a nice Sunday – and thanks for your visit,


New Gaming Mat


The new camera has not yet arrived, but I’ve managed to take some pictures anyway with an older  machine. Yet the focus of this article is not the British artillery or the high command, not even the last missing regiment – all of them are completed but I want to show them off with (hopefully) better quality photos as soon as the new camera has arrived.

What I want to show instead is the new gaming mat for my 1,5m * 2,4m table. As I have built gaming mats bevore it wasn’t actually a new experience, but to built a mat in this size was still very challing. I have also written a tutorial how I did it, but I wrote it in German: http://www.ulmer-strategen.de/Spieltisch-Matte.htm

If there is sufficient interest I’m going to translate it – so if you are interested in an English tutorial please let me know.

In order to bring the new gaming table to life I have placed on it everything that is completed of my British army. It seems the table should not be much smaller…

Have a nice weekend!



The show must go on


A blog without pictures is a rather silly thing. Yet I have sold my camera in order to buy a better one, but I do not have decided which system I want (at the moment I’m somewhere inbetween Nikon D90 and Panasonic Lumix G3). So this blog has been rendered blind, at least for the moment. Still, the show must go on.

The status of the army is that the last regiment is finished, but it is not the Kings German Legion as was originally planed, but the 32th foot regiment instead (white cuffings). Since the Brunswickers were under Pictons command and I’m surely going to paint some of his highlanders in the future, I have decided to do as much of his British regiments as I can. The KGL, that I had already begun, will be finished sometime later with Peninsular Shakos and will form the foundation of a peninsuler army.

So here is the army in theory:

Pictures of the real thing will follow as soon as I have a new camera. At the moment I’m painting the man himself (Picton) and also a few more skirmishers as well as the foot artillery (Ihave forgotten to mention it in the last blog entry). With these the core of the army is finished.The Brunswickers will follow soon, so I can concentrate on the French.

Have a nice weekend,


The 73rd and the 5th Brigade


Well, the English core army is rapidly approaching its completion. Today I have finished the 73rd and with it the 5th brigade. As the acquired collection is incorporated into the new army, with each regiment more work has to be done. In addition to the painting of heads with the Belgic shako here I had to paint the soldiers of the flank companies and, most important, the command base. For this I have used the Perry metals.

Well, inspite they are as usually great figures, I have to say I like the plastic command better. Not only is the detail there more crisp, but there is also much less cleaning required. The typical thin metal tubes you get from the air ducts of the casting mold are really an issue here. I don’t know why no other manufacturer has these, but with the Perries you find them in excess. As much as I love painting their figures, I really hate cleaning them, and often enough I find another metal strip in some difficult to reach area of a figure, just when I have applied the paint. I wish there would be miniature cleaning- and priming services available – I’d be glad to use them.

Well, back to the main topic. Here is Pictons 5th British Brigade in all its glory…

… and to the right of it the 73rd Pertshire regiment of foot:

Now only one regiment, the high command and some skirmishers are left. And, of course, the Brunswickers. On the one hand that seems a lot to do, on the other I’m quite pleased with the progress of this project. If I can keep up the pace, I should be able to finish the army in early October.


Brunswick Artillery


Well, as I already have said in my last post, there is only one version each of the Brunswick foot and horse artillery from the Perries. I really couldn’t decide which I wanted to have twice, so I went for a conversion instead. I took two English gunners in fatigues and painted them in Brunswick colors (well, black really) and also did a conversion of two light infantrymen – their uniform is not so different from the artillery, and I pressed them into duty giving them tools (and limbs) from the Victrix artillery box.

I have to say I like the result, and I’m quite happy that I have now three entirely different artillery pieces. As you can see, I also made this one into a howitzer – again the barell is from the Victrix-box (drilled by me for better effect).

Here now is the entire battery in all its (black) splendour. As you can see, I have also finished the second additional skirmisher base that this army is entitled to.

And as a parting shot a photo from the front.

Yes, I see it myself, I really have to buy a new varnish. This one really turned out much to shiny. If transformed into a contemporary painting, the varnish doesn’t show :-)

Have a nice weekend, and thanks for dropping by.



I definitely needed some pause from red uniforms, so I’ve stalled  the British core army for a moment in order to start with the Brunswickers. Since it is not only the same project but really the same army I think this is a diversion I can allow myself.

Again my project seems to stand under a lucky star – the moment I had decided to do the Brunswick army a very nice bunch of figures came up for auction on ebay – and I really don’t know why, but nobody wanted to place a bid. So I got them for a more than fair price. Of course as always some minor amendments and repairs (and of course the inevitable rebasing) were due, but the quality of the painting is exceptional.

With this head-start I’m in the lucky position to have a unit of cavalry already finished. Well, here it is:

The Brunswick allied coningent in Lasalle consists of one light cavalry unit (now finished), two infantry units, one elite infantry unit and two skirmisher bases – one of them is now finished, too:

Lastly there is an artillery unit. Here I also was able to akquire two pieces of artillery:

As your skilled eye will certainly have detected right away, the right piece is horse artillery. Yet I’m willing to allow this latitude, as the Perries have only one variant each of foot and horse artillery, and it would look very dull to have three identical looking artillery crews. I’m now going to order a third piece and start on the infantry.

Have a nice weekend!

Finally – the 28th

Hello everyone,

now this took longer than I had intended. I had to go on a business trip for several days, and that did capsize my shedule. Anyway, now the sixth regiment of my army is ready. As you can see from the last but one blog, the 28th is something of a joker unit. Since it was the only unit that fought in the Waterloo campaign maintaining their peninsular uniform, it can (and will) be equally well used in both theatres of war.

As with the other units, again many of the figures were from the akquired collection, I “only” had to rebase them, add some figures and do some head-swaps (this time the other way round – removing the Belgish Shakos). They are not a work of art, but I quite like their appearance. As for the colors, this time I used one of the colors that come with the perry plastic miniatures. Alas I had to overpaint it a bit and especially had to adjust the regimental shield with the right numeral.

Now only two units of infantry, a unit of artillery and the high command are missing – as well as some more skirmisher bases. After that I’m going to have to decide what additional selection I’ll use. With Lasalle, an army consists of the core army (for the British that is 6 infantry batallions – 8 if the player is the attacker – and a battery) and additional selections. These can be organic (meaning they are deployed simultaniously with the core army), reserve (they will enter the battlefield with some delay) or alied. With the British, the alied choice seems to be an elegant one – because it can be used in both theaters of war. So I think I’m deciding on the black Brunswickers. They are an interesting army and shoul be easy to paint as well.

I’ll be off to buy some more black then. Wish you all a beautiful weekend and thanks again for dropping by.

Forward 95th!

It seems I was too optimistic regarding the planned painting output of the weekend, but at least I’ve managed to paint another command base and an additional skirmisher base. I like the dynamic of the little scene.

Next in line will be the 28th, but today a little parcel has arrived with my perry-order, so nothing stands in the way of finishing the other batallions also. Well, nothing but real life. It seems I have an awful lot to do and there’ll be familiy commitments at the comming weekend, so don’t expect any new post before next week. I wish you all a good time until then – and thanks for visiting my little blog!